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Enriched with Soya protein isolate , vitamins & minerals 

At Morning
with breakfast ensure your body doesn’t attack your muscle cell as fuel
Perform a good metabolism
Balance your daily nutritional need 

At Night
Before sleep , aid in sound sleep and maintain the requirement of body while sleep

With Meal
Extra Protein will minimize cell damage & catalysis muscle regeneration
Helps to weight gain

Replace with Meal
Calculative protein and Carbohydrate intake
Helps to weight loss without hamper the digestive system

Post Work out
Aid in muscle recovery and New muscle synthesis 

After Daily work

Balance your daily nutritional need
Recovered damage cell due to work and Stress


During & after Pregnancy
Nutritional needs are increased during pregnancy and lactation
Aid in fulfill extra protein, minerals and vitamins requirement
Support fetal and infant growth and development along with alterations in maternal tissues and metabolism


Illness and weakness   
Calculative nutritional intake
Aid in recovery, enhanced Immunity 

Aid in recovery, enhanced Immunity 
As most of the drug is protein bound,
Calculative nutritional intake
Restore strength in body

Main Ingridients :

Soya Protein Isolate

Skimmed Milk




Vitamins and Minerals


Nutrients                      Units                         Per Serving                                                                 

        (Per 100 gm)


Energy                            Kcal                           329.761

Protein                              gm                             21.884

Carbohydrate                    gm                                57.24

Sugar                                gm                              40.851

Fat                                     gm                                0.628



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